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Volt Active Data to Showcase Business Impact of Fast Data at Strata + Hadoop World

BEDFORD, Mass. – March 8, 2016 – Volt Active Data today announced it will be exhibiting at Strata + Hadoop World, taking place March 13-16, 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. Located at Booth #1037, the company will demonstrate the latest version of its in-memory  SQL database, showcasing the impact of analyzing and acting on data streams in real-time. In addition, Volt Active Data engineer Ethan Zhang will lead a presentation outlining how Volt Active Data has improved its real-time analytics capability by enabling continuous queries on streams of data, enabling efficient computation of real-time analytics especially beneficial for the financial, telco and IoT applications.

WHAT:  Presentation: “Continuous queries over high-velocity event streams using an in-memory databasewill discuss how Volt Active Data, a fast distributed SQL database, supports continuous queries three orders of magnitude faster with materialized views, which helps organizations avoid costly from-scratch computation to act in the moment. Zhang’s session will highlight a transparent, automatic, and incremental-view maintenance approach.

WHO:     Volt Active Data software engineer Ethan Zhang

WHERE:  San Jose Convention Center, 150 W San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95113

Visit Volt Active Data at booth #1037 for more information and live demos

WHEN: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

1:50pm – 2:30pm ET

About Volt Active Data
Volt Active Data provides the only in-memory transactional database for applications that require an unprecedented combination of data scale, volume, and accuracy. Unlike other databases, including OLTP, Big Data, and NoSQL, only Volt Active Data supports all three modern application data requirements: Volt Active Data processes data points from millions of users and sources; ingests, analyzes, and acts on data in milliseconds; and data managed by Volt Active Data is accurate all the time, for all decisions. Telecommunications, financial services, advertising, gaming and other industries rely on Volt Active Data to modernize their applications. Volt Active Data was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the coveted ACM Turing award.

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