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Volt Active Data Reveals Key Features to Optimize 5G, Cloud, and Edge

BARCELONA, Spain, June 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/—Volt Active Data, the leading enterprise-grade data platform built to enable fast-data decisioning, today announced the release of V10.2 of its data platform at Mobile World Congress. The latest version of the Volt Active Data Platform adds important improvements that allow enterprises to take full advantage of 5G, cloud, and edge technologies, including enhanced integrations for Kafka and Kubernetes, improved cross datacenter replication, and an opportunity to bypass Kafka completely.

“Now with our complete cloud-native features, an enterprise or an operator can take advantage of Volt Active Data in environments such as AWS Outposts, Wavelength, and of course, the cloud,” said Volt Active Data CEO & President, David Flower. “This gives them a huge advantage when it comes to deploying latency-dependent applications that need both speed and data accuracy.”

The Volt Active Data Platform empowers companies to fully leverage new technologies and paradigms such as 5G and edge computing to get the most out of their latency-dependent applications. Volt Active Data’s core capability is powerful, real-time contextual decisioning via a simplified stack layer that manages data ingestion to action in under 10 milliseconds.

The latest version of the Volt Active Data Platform offers a number of improvements, including:

  • Topics, which provides the ability to publish event data directly to Volt Active Data without an intermediate messaging layer like Kafka.
  • Kafka API compatibility, which allows developers to use either Volt Active Data native APIs or Kafka APIs to process real-time events.
  • An improved Kubernetes Operator, which includes multiple enhancements and improvements based on various mission-critical deployments at tier 1 communication service providers (CSPs).
  • Multiple performance enhancements to the platform’s active-active-active cross datacenter replication based on feedback on the first generation of deployments.

These new capabilities enable current and future customers to take full advantage of their edge, cloud, and 5G investments today and in the future. MWC21 visitors, whether physical or virtual, can learn more by visiting Volt Active Data at stand #2060 in Cloud City (Hall 2) and by interacting with our onsite robots.

For more information on why organizations across all industries are choosing Volt Active Data to power their operations, visit https://www.voltactivedata.com/.

About Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data empowers enterprise-grade applications to ingest, process, and act on data in single-digit milliseconds to tap into new revenue streams and prevent revenue loss. With industry-leading customers in telecommunications, finance, gaming, and many other verticals, The Volt Active Data Platform is uniquely positioned to be the go-to technology for any company seeking to take full advantage of 5G, IoT, and whatever comes next.