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Volt Active Data Partners with Google Cloud for 5G Edge Applications

BEDFORD, Mass., June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/—Volt Active Data, a leading enterprise-grade data platform built to enable fast-data decisioning, today announced it is joining Google Cloud’s 5G Edge/ISV partner initiative. Through this initiative, Volt Active Data will make its capabilities in data management available on Google Cloud, with Anthos as a platform for delivering applications and solutions to the network edge.

“Organizations with edge presences often have large volumes of valuable data from connected devices, sensors, machinery and more,” said Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re excited to partner with Volt Active Data and to deliver its advanced capabilities in data management on Google Cloud and Anthos, helping organizations drive more value from this data and building a more intelligent network edge.”

As global organizations increasingly run core business functions in the cloud, they have many opportunities to leverage 5G-based cloud capabilities at the edge of their networks. To support this need, in early 2020 Google Cloud unveiled its telecommunications strategy, which included plans to help communications service providers (CSPs) monetize the edge for business services and collaborations with partners such as AT&T to deliver Google Cloud capabilities at the edge using the AT&T network.

In December 2020, Google Cloud launched its 5G edge/ISV partner initiative to deliver applications and solutions to the network edge with Anthos.

Volt Active Data was built to handle massive volumes of complex data at scale with predictable low latency and without compromising on data accuracy. It is the only data platform designed to enable 5G-based applications to intelligently act on data in under 10 milliseconds.

Volt Active Data CEO David Flower highlighted the value of this partnership not just to Volt Active Data and Google Cloud but any enterprise seeking to take full advantage of 5G. “Now is the time to invest in 5G and any technology that helps you enable those investments,” Flower said. “For this reason, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with Google Cloud and through that partnership make Volt Active Data’s unique, 5G-enabling, low-latency capabilities much more widely available.”

For more information on why organizations across all industries are choosing Volt Active Data to power their operations, visit https://www.voltactivedata.com/.

About Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data is the only data platform designed to support telco applications in the age of 5G. We combine in-memory data storage with predictable low-latency and other key capabilities to power BSS/OSS, customer management, and revenue assurance applications that need to act in single-digit milliseconds to drive revenue or prevent revenue loss, without compromising on data accuracy. For more information, visit voltactivedata.com.