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  • Volt Active Data announces new customer wins; answers critical need for real-time analytics

Volt Active Data announces new customer wins; answers critical need for real-time analytics

Volt Active Data announces new customer wins

Kline, BlockEx and White Ops switch to Volt Active Data as need for reliable real-time analytics increases

BEDFORD, Mass. — Volt Active Data, the enterprise-class database that powers real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data, today announced a growing customer base across industry verticals, as companies are advancing toward real-time analytics capabilities. Technology companies Kline, BlockEx and White Ops are ingesting increasingly higher volumes of data, requiring a more advanced data infrastructure to process a continuous stream of events and make real-time decisions based on data insights at scale with complete accuracy.

Kline uses Volt Active Data to power its Sphera trading platform, an ecosystem of software products enabling direct access to worldwide financial markets and brokers, trade assets, and receiving real-time updates from the markets. Similarly, BlockEx, a digital asset exchange and technology provider for institutional-grade financial market participants, relies on Volt Active Data to ensure transactional trade settlement and compliance within its trading platform. The BlockEx platform manages the entire lifecycle of blockchain-based digital assets, including origination, issuance, exchange, and settlement and redemption, so accuracy and speed are critical to its operations.

“The last year has seen unprecedented interest in the cryptocurrency market, translating into an increase in trades. The need for transactions to be completed at high speed and with ACID compliance drives the need for our platform to process user information accurately and at scale in real time, while continuously recalculating exposure and assessing risk appropriately,” said Aleks Nowak, CIO of BlockEx.

White Ops, global leader in bot detection and human verification on the internet, selected Volt Active Data in 2017 to power its ad fraud platform to detect sophisticated bot activity and other automated threats that lead to widespread ad fraud, processing a trillion transactions a month. Now the company has upgraded to Volt Active Data’s latest version, allowing White Ops to take advantage of the platform’s new integrated export functionality and reduce its hardware footprint in AWS.

“Our payloads return a lot of information, and we are pushing huge amounts of data. Volt Active Data was incredibly stable on the back end for putting information out of Volt Active Data and exporting it through Kafka to Snowflake,” said Sarah Walker, VP of engineering at White Ops. “Volt Active Data is one of the major components in our tech stack, and enables us to process exceptionally large data streams in real time to deliver decisions quickly.”

“Organizations in every market are realizing the enormous benefits of Volt Active Data’s unique real-time decision making capabilities, and are adopting the new, innovative database technology that provides a basis for significant increased success,” said David Flower, president and CEO of Volt Active Data.

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