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Volt Active Data Adds Kubernetes Support to Accelerate Deployment of Real-Time, Cloud-Native Applications

Intelligent operational data platform delivers increased flexibility and faster time-to-value for DevOps strategies with Kubernetes support and AWS Marketplace availability

BEDFORD, Mass., September 6, 2018 — Volt Active Data, the enterprise-class database that powers real-time intelligent decisions on streaming data, today announced extended capability for building real-time applications in public, private and hybrid clouds. With full support for Kubernetes, an open source platform for automating the deployment of application containers, and availability in the AWS marketplace, Volt Active Data is delivering more flexibility and speed when building real-time applications.

With the growing reliance on the cloud and the pending roll out of 5G networks, enterprise organizations are moving away from monolithic applications and toward microservices, which empowers more rapid and continuous application delivery. As a highly scalable containerization platform, Kubernetes is a top choice for more quickly developing and deploying a real-time application. Volt Active Data’s new Kubernetes module enables organizations to automate the deployment of Volt Active Data clusters, reducing application development timescales down from months to minutes.

“Cloud native applications are fueling DevOps strategies and significant increases in application release volumes across today’s digitally-driven enterprise,” said Ruth Morgenstein, VP of Engineering, Volt Active Data. “In order to keep pace, organizations must accelerate the development of real-time applications that deliver improved operations, better security, fraud prevention and customer experiences. With Kubernetes support and AWS Marketplace availability, Volt Active Data empowers developers to rapidly automate the development and deployment of cloud-native applications in any environment.”

Organizations can now orchestrate Volt Active Data Docker clusters with Docker and Kubernetes, simplifying the development of real-time applications. As one of the only SQL-based data platforms to support the stateless nature of Kubernetes, Volt Active Data empowers organizations deploying microservices to spin up and spin down Volt Active Data docker container clusters, monitor running clusters and monitor and update clusters on an ongoing basis.

“As we help our customers monetize and capitalize on their 5G investment; Volt Active Data is the only in-memory operational database suitable for real-time software solutions and services to enable service providers to create new revenues from digital services and improve customer engagement” said Tony Gillick, VP of Solutions Management, Openet.

In addition to expanded support for Kubernetes, Volt Active Data Enterprise Editions is now available on AWS Marketplace, streamlining the process for customers to buy and consume Volt Active Data with a one-click purchase and single, simple payment through existing AWS billing. Read additional details.

About Volt Active Data

Volt Active Data powers applications that require real-time decisions on streaming data. By immediately connecting insights with action, Volt Active Data enables a more agile, intelligent and data-driven enterprise. No other database can fuel applications that require a combination of speed, scale, volume and accuracy. Volt Active Data was founded by a team of world-class database experts, including Dr. Michael Stonebraker, winner of the ACM Turing award.

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