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Volt Joins Linebreak to Help Companies Maximize Edge Data Value

Press Release

Bedford, Mass. and London — February 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Volt Active Data (Volt), the only real-time decisioning platform designed to support the latency, scale, consistency, and cloud/edge processing demands of modern enterprise applications, today announced a new partnership with Linebreak, a global edge solution provider. 

As part of the Linebreak platform, Volt will make it easier for enterprises to ingest and process edge data in real time.

“Post-digital enterprises need to harness all of their data to feed enterprise AI engines,” Linebreak CTO Dolo Miah said. “A lot of this data is exploding in the edge, where traditional architectures can’t deliver on real-time and high-integrity processing needs. Volt is a perfect fit for these edge use cases.”

As part of the Linebreak platform, Volt enables:

  • The ability to ingest data and make a decision in under 10 milliseconds. 
  • Low latency and high performance on machines with smaller footprints which are commonly found in edge deployments.
  • The ability to deploy to the on-site edge in scenarios like training AI and ML models.

“We’re very excited about our collaboration with Linebreak,” Volt CEO David Flower said. “Linebreak and Volt, together, suddenly make edge computing way less intimidating, way more secure, and way easier for enterprises.”

About Volt Active Data
The Volt Active Data Platform enables companies to unlock the full value of their data and applications by making it possible to have scale without compromising on speed, accuracy, or consistency. Based on a simplified stack and an ingest-to-action layer that can perform sub 10-millisecond decisioning, Volt’s unique, no-compromises foundation gives enterprises the ability to maximize the ROI of their 5G, IoT, AI/ML, and other investments, ensure “five 9’s” uptime, prevent fraud and intrusion, deliver hyper-personalized customer engagement, and save on operational costs.
About Linebreak

Linebreak is a global solution provider enabling enterprises to achieve their efficiency goals in the post-digital era by unlocking the value of their edge data. Linebreak integrates leading-edge technologies, including Volt Active Data, to rapidly deliver enterprise-grade solutions, accelerated by its platform.

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