New Report Discusses IT/OT Convergence for Telcos

Report: Successfully monetizing 5G will depend on how telcos adapt to this convergence

BEDFORD, Mass. March 18, 2021 — Volt Active Data, the only enterprise-grade data platform built for the age of 5G, and STL Partners, a global consulting group for telcos, today announced the release of a new report on how the convergence of IT and OT is changing the game for 5G monetization.

Operators looking to deliver new, 5G-enabled revenue-generating solutions need real-time data processing capabilities. And changing customer requirements, particularly around massive machine type communication, mean they need to do something they rarely had to do before: handle OT and IT data together.

“Real-time decision intelligence is critical to telecoms operators’ future, both in driving internal efficiencies and enabling them to deliver new revenue-generating solutions to their customers,” notes Tilly Gilbert, Senior Consultant at STL Partners. “Increasingly, these solutions will need to handle both IT and OT data.”

In their new report, “Monetizing 5G: How IT/OT Convergence Will Enable New Business Models”, STL Partners and Volt Active Data explore the four key value-unlocking use cases where IT and OT converge:

  • Policy management, which must evolve to handle network slicing.
  • Rating and charging, which must evolve to handle M2M communications.
  • Fraud prevention, which must evolve to support IoT use cases.
  • Customer management, which must evolve to better manage investments such as 5G rollout.

The report outlines the practical steps telco space companies can take to capitalize on these use cases.

“The challenge now is to both improve network and IT systems independently and ensure they work well together,” said Dheeraj Remella, Volt Active Data’s Chief Product Officer. “Things like mediation layers enabling billing system importation of call data—these things will increasingly need to be processed together in real time. That’s how telco operators will turn themselves into valuable partners.”

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