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Volt Active Data is a data platform that brings database and stream processing together, enabling our clients to ingest and trigger actions on data in real-time.

Globally recognized organizations use Volt Active Data to build mission-critical applications for 5G monetization, fraud prevention, customer value management, and other digital transformation initiatives.

Because many Volt Active Data customers start their relationship with us after hitting performance limitations with alternative technologies, we begin all engagements with a helpful online discovery meeting, to mutually establish if there is a technical fit.

A typical session takes less than an hour and covers:

  • Overview of your business, data goals and requirements, along with current or past challenges
  • Advantages of Volt Active Data architecture in context of your specific business case
  • Configuration guidance, so we can understand what you have and help you decide what you need. For example, are you are planning to capitalize on a near edge deployment model?
  • Next steps, such as a structured proof-of-concept, including how you will identify and measure success

Assuming mutual agreement on the technical fit, we will deliver a clearly defined plan, with priorities, milestones, and success factors.

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Increase in Offer Acceptance Rate


Of Credit Card Fraud Prevented


Increased Processing Capacity


DDOS Attacks Prevented


Adbot Detection (Milliseconds)


Reduction in Revenue Leakage

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