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How telcos will enable 5g

The $40 billion-plus 5G market is expected to grow almost 40% annually through 2027, and telcos are primed to be at the forefront of this growth. However, 5G isn’t exactly an easy technology to control or manage as it involves an unprecedented level of data ingestion requiring totally new database technologies that can ingest and act on data in record time.

What are these technologies and how can telcos, and their vendors and customers, leverage them to fully capitalize on the promise of 5G?

Read our report, How Telcos Will Enable 5G, to learn:

  • The three key technologies telcos will need to make the most of 5G.
  • The two relatively new technologies enterprises will use to fully leverage 5G.
  • How database architectures are changing to adapt to the real-time data needs of telcos.

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