Edge-Ready Stack Simplification

Edge-Ready Stack Simplification

Make your stack lean and mean to fully capitalize on edge data.

The Global Edge Computing Market Is Expected To Hit Almost
$11 Billion By 2026—A More Than 5X Increase From 2018.

The simpler your stack, the easier it will be for you to capitalize on edge data.

The Edge Data Challenge

Enterprises across industries are moving their data processing to the edge to fully take advantage of data while it still has maximum business value and impact.

This is putting enormous strain on edge data centers, which simply can’t handle the data volume, and generating massive amounts of raw data.

Without the ability to aggregate this raw event data into useful up-to-date summaries, as the data is created, you’re sending superfluous data to central servers, consuming bandwidth, increasing data movement costs, and choking your machine learning engine.

You’re also creating latency by employing a complex stack of disparate parts to deal with the increasing data volumes, and thereby negating any real-time advantages of processing your data at the edge.

Why Volt Active Data For The Edge

The Volt Active Data Platform empowers you to extract edge data value at a much lower TCO.

By sending aggregated instead of raw data to the data center, you can measure, react to, and make decisions on business- critical events in real time while saving on data movement costs and and letting your machine learning engine do what it was designed to do: enhance your decision-making.

Volt Active Data consolidates multiple layers into one, delivering a measurably faster and less expensive data processing engine that is already optimized for edge deployment.

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