The “Volt” Trifecta

The Volt Active Data Trifecta

Speed. Consistency. Scalability. No other data platform offers all three at once.

Video: Volt Active Data Founder Michael Stonebreaker Explains Why Volt Active Data is 100x Faster


We can say, without embellishment, that we are the fastest data platform out there.

How do we know?

Because we’ve benchmarked ourselves against the best.

We’re the only data platform capable of data ingest-to-contextual decision in under 10 milliseconds and we are able to achieve this ultra-low latency via a proprietary (and patented) process of integrating both data and business rules in a distributed, in-memory architecture.

Documentation: How Volt Active Data achieves immediate consistency


Where other data platforms (such as those using NoSQL) can only offer eventual consistency—a theoretical guarantee that all reads will eventually return the last updated value if no new updates are made —Volt Active Data offers immediate consistency, meaning your data stays consistent both pre- and post-transaction and between intra-cluster copies.

What this means to you, the enterprise, is peace of mind, because it means that if you experience a hardware failure you won’t lose any data, which means your service to your customers can continue hiccup-free.

It just works.

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Finally, none of the above—speed or consistency—would be valuable if they prevented you from being able to scale your business.

Scaling only vertically—ie, by adding CPU cores—very quickly introduces planned downtime and lead time. But in an agile, cloud-native world, there’s no room for downtime.

Volt Active Data can scale with no planned downtime because we distribute both data and transactional business logic across CPU cores and servers.

That said, even this—being able to scale both vertically and horizontally—doesn’t completely set us apart from a few other data platforms out there. We have other tricks up our sleeve to be able to do speed and consistency at scale, and more importantly, to KEEP SCALING as your business grows.

Our patented Active(N)™ Lossless Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) allows us to add data centers at will for data replication and uptime purposes. Not just two. Not just three. But even four or more. We’re the only data platform capable of that, and it puts us in a very unique position to put YOU in a very unique position to capitalize on 5G, IoT, edge computing, and whatever comes next.

Discover why Volt Active Data is the data platform of choice for leading enterprises across the globe that use latency-dependent applications for their mission-critical processes.

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