Stack Simplification (Latency Squeezing)

In spite of (or perhaps due to) the fact that it’s never been easier to assemble a stack of products that perform a complex task, such as customer value management, examples abound of applications where the individual components of the stack are each fast but the end-to-end latency is totally unacceptable. Often, the sheer complexity of trying to manage the elastic expansion and contraction of different layers that grow and shrink at different rates becomes a challenge in itself.

Using Volt Active Data, developers can recover their missing latency. For example, Volt Active Data can map each incoming payload to a specific database request, which can then generate further outbound messages as needed. And a single Volt Active Data cluster can handle inbound queues, message processing logic, enrichment and filtering of data, aggregation of data and outbound queue messages, drastically simplifying the overall architecture.

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