Why does BSS need to run on Edge data centers?

Isn’t it just the applications that run on the Edge?

We recently discussed this question in a webinar, “3 Keys to Unlock 5G Monetization: Real-time Data, Automated Decisions, BSS Modernization”. Our Chief Product Officer, Dheeraj Remella, answered this question from a webinar attendee. Here’s what he said:

There are two sides to this answer: the enterprise side and the subscriber side.


On the subscriber side, our partners are talking to us a great deal about this right now. In India, for example, one of our partners moved away from 5 centralized data centers to 200 Edge data centers for measurement and billing. The reason? hen you have a very large distance for the data and billing events to transfer, you could be highly inaccurate. At the rate at which consumption happens for the prepaid world, shortening that distance is very important. Deploying in Edge networks allows our partners to charge or deduct the on prepaid cards much more accurately. This is a great example of revenue loss prevention, and hence monetization of their investment.


On the enterprise side we come back to the subscription model. Those implementations can quickly, in single-digit milliseconds, ask questions like: What is happening? What are you measuring? How much are you measuring? How do I charge that? And here is the charge. Everything comes together, so you’re operating on immediate data that’s highly consistent. That’s why BSS is going to be deployed closer to the Edge, effectively linking the subscriber world to the enterprise world.

In both cases, it’s the right thing to do.

Volt Active Data and BSS

As service providers race to establish new revenue streams made possible by the convergence of 5G and IoT, BSS teams are at the mission critical center of digital transformation.

Volt Active Data has already proven the value of real-time account balance management and policy & charging rules management within a 4G LTE BSS environment with single-digit milliseconds latency SLAs. The platform can easily accommodate the complexity in policy control and charging functions for emerging 5G use cases, including network slicing and charging trigger points such as API exposure and resource management charging triggers.

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Why move BSS to edge data centers?
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