Benchmark: Volt Active Data vs. Redis

Benchmark: Volt Active Data vs. Redis

May 03, 2018

Benchmark Report: Volt Active Data vs Redis

This benchmark report compares Volt Active Data vs Redis.

Motivation and Goals of this Evaluation

  • Compare the performance of several distributed databases that can be used for state storage in some of our applications Low latency is expected
  • Persistence on disk is not required
  • The comparison of the features of these databases is not covered in this presentation
  • This is part of a technology investigation, not a product decision
  • Popular tools such as YCSB (Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark) focus on typical cloud workloads for key-value stores and NoSQL databases: access by primary key, no locking.
  • But we want to compare the databases under a more demanding scenario.

Download below to read the full report:

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